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Midmorning Pleasures

Title:  Midmorning Pleasures 
Fandom: Lewis
Pairing: Hobson/Innocent
Rating: R
Summary: "Am I forgiven now?"
After Jean doubts her innocence during 4.4 Laura thinks of a novel way for her to make it up to her and Robbie reaps the benefits.

“Am I forgiven now?”

“Not quite yet,
” the blonde woman whispered huskily in her ear. “But I’ve got a good idea of how you can make it up completely.”

The dark haired woman looked over her shoulder from her slightly awkward position on the bed and saw, with a sinking feeling that made her get wet again, the glinting eyes and wicked smile of her lover...


Two days later.

Robbie Lewis was enjoying a well-deserved day off and after taking a late breakfast and a long bath was considering whether he had the nerve to ring up Laura Hobson to try to rekindle their fledgling relationship. He knew he had messed up quite severely a few weeks ago when he had not given her his utter trust but things had been going well before that hadn’t they?

They’d had a few informal dinners every month for years now, an excuse to catch up and reminisce and they went for drinks fairly regularly with and without Hathaway but over the last few months things had been different. A different understanding had developed between them, or at least he thought it had but then again, he reasoned, you never knew with Laura.

He picked up the phone and dialled in half her home number before he remembered that she was probably at work and he knew she hated to be bothered for trivial things at work – did he count as trivial though? He punched in her mobile instead, not stopping to dwell on why hers was the only mobile number he had memorised, before reconsidering. He’s see her the day after tomorrow anyway. Or he could call her later. She’d forgive him because she never seemed to stay angry at him for very long, he was sure of it.

He was startled out of his reverie when the post hit the floor. Sorting through it he tossed two bills on the counter, three bits of junk into the bin and stared at a third, hand-written and sent on express delivery. The handwriting looked like Laura’s but he couldn’t fathom why she would send him anything through the post. He tore it open and his confusion grew when a DVD fell out, wrapped in a little plastic covering.

His brow furrowing still further he switched on his tele and put it in – it had to be a work thing he supposed, but what the hell could it be? And that was assuming that is was in fact from Laura, he looked at the envelope and noted that the letters were all block capitals, it could be anyone really, Laura’s handwriting wasn’t that distinctive anyway.

The video clip started and he realised he had a very clear image of someone’s empty bedroom.

What the bloody hell?

He had no idea whose room he was looking at or for what purpose, it was certainly not one that he’d seen before. After a few moments a figure appeared on the screen and with a sickening realisation he saw that it was Jean Innocent. Wildly he wondered whether this was some kind of ransom demand...but no, the date in the corner said two days ago and he had seen the Super only yesterday and despite looking a bit knackered she was in perfect health. Although she had been walking a bit gingerly during the day now that he thought about it.

But why in the world would Laura, she was still the most likely suspect after all, send him footage of Jean Innocent?

On the screen Innocent was dressed in half her work clothes, having clearly dispensed with shoes and jackets, and her hair was down – interestingly, he thought, she seemed unaware of the camera watching her.

Was this some kind of peeping tom then? It couldn’t be Laura then. Perhaps his superior had a secret admirer who was a bit over zealous...but then why send the DVD to him? On the screen Innocent sipped some wine and sat tentatively on the bed, apparently waiting for something. After a few more moments of being confused Robbie saw what, or rather who, that something was.

Laura’s appeared on the screen, also dressed down and drinking wine but not looking nearly as nervous.

“You do believe me don’t you? I really am sorry but I was just following procedure-“

“Yes, you’ve already said.”

“Listen Laura,
” Innocent looked around her curiously. “Why are we up here?”

For a brief second Robbie thought he saw a glimpse of panic in the Doctor’s eyes but it passed as soon as it had appeared.

“I don’t feel safe in the living room. I can lock myself in up here.”

It sounded flimsy to him but he was hardly going to question her again and Innocent certainly seemed to believe it.

“Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

On screen Laura’s lips betrayed the faintest trace of a smirk.


His heart nearly stopped. On screen Laura swiftly put down her glass and took Jean’s from her, slowly reaching her hand up to caress the Super’s cheek before leaning in and pressing her lips against the other woman’s. Innocent seemed to find this as unexpected as Robbie did but she recovered quicker and wound one hand up to weave through Laura’s hair while the other pulled the smaller woman into her lap.

The kiss broke.

“I didn’t know you were...”

“Don’t ask questions, please just stay with me tonight.”

Innocent seemed to have a moment of indecision and Robbie saw her roll unconsciously roll her wedding ring around her finger on the hand resting on the small of the Doctor’s back.

Innocent pulled Laura back down for a kiss which continued for some time and involved a great deal of moaning and roaming of hands – had kisses always been that noisy or was he just too out of practice?

Robbie could feel himself responding despite his remaining confusion. He tried to stop himself, this was his best friend and his boss after all, he had to face these women everyday and he had hoped that Laura...and on top of that he still didn’t know who had sent this or why. By the looks of things this had to be Laura’s bedroom and he could see the windows (yeah, he told himself, ‘cus you’re really paying a fat lot of attention to the sodding windows!) so presumably it was somewhere in the room. She had to be involved.

She was certainly involved at the moment. Sat astride Jean’s lap she was unbuttoning the other woman’s blouse with great speed however it was still she who lost her shirt first, along with her bra when Innocent tugged them both over her head. Innocent’s soon followed. Without much preamble Laura clambered off the other woman’s lap and started undoing the buttons of her trousers.

Innocent, for her part, still looked a bit shell-shocked but was clearly enjoying the administrations. He could see Laura’s wicked grin and as she tugged Jean’s pinstripe suit trousers down along with her underwear, the woman in question pulled her back onto the bed and rolled them over.

Suddenly, and without any warning, Robbie felt himself getting harder at the unexpected sight of a completely naked Innocent, looking much softer without her clothes and with her hair down than he had ever seen her. She matched the Doctor’s cocky grin.

“You really expect me to just lie there?”

She leant down for another kiss, her hands grazing over Laura’s sides before she left the surprised other woman mid-kiss to dive down and latch her mouth onto a nipple. Laura moaned out loudly at the unexpected contact and continued to writhe as Jean sucked alternatively hard and soft. At the same time the Super’s hands were divesting Laura of her remaining clothes and Robbie nearly felt his eyes pop out of his head – as he had long suspected Laura was perfect. He would have given a considerable amount to be in Jean’s position and he felt himself let out an involuntary groan of his own when he saw her hand begin to make a descent down Laura’s body.

Jean leaned up to kiss her again, and he could see their tongues dancing together and hear both of them moaning. Laura let out a particularly guttural noise when Jean’s fingers found their destination.

“God, you really need this don’t you?”

He had a feeling that Laura would get her back for the mocking words later. Or at least he dearly hoped she would. Jean seemed to be having altogether too much fun making Laura wriggle with her long fingers and alternating between each of her nipples and her lips.
In a moment of hysteria he realised he didn’t know where to look – the smooth curve from the Super’s backside up to her shoulders as she leant over the Doctor was making the blood rush from his head along with the blonde’s wondering hands, both of their extremely flushed skin but perhaps his favourite sight was Jean’s nimble fingers making Laura moan and squirm in obvious ecstasy.

The tightening of his trousers had, by now, become critical and feeling more than a little bit voyeuristic he unbuttoned them and freed his straining cock. Robbie reflected that it was just as well he had chosen that moment as Laura’s moans escalated and she began mumbling Jean’s name in desperation, something that inspired the Super to quickly trail her tongue from Laura’s nipples where she had by now teased them red raw, down across her stomach making her twitch along the way before settling between her legs.

Laura’s back curved off the bed when Jean’s tongue unceremoniously began lapping at her and her legs appeared to be going into a spasm, eventually settling draped over Jean’s shoulders. Jean picked up her pace, darting her tongue around mercilessly while Laura got increasingly pink face and crooking her fingers in a come-hither gesture.

Laura reached her peak without much warning and Robbie thought it was the most beautiful thing he had seen in years - she arched off the bed and breathily called out Jean’s name as the Super removed her hand but continued to lap at Laura until the Doctor reached down and pulled her mouth up for a kiss.

They lay together stretched out for what seemed to Lewis a wonderful amount of time, Jean trailing her fingernails over Laura’s breasts and stomach while Laura attempted to get her breathing back to normal. He slowly began to stroke himself, feeling that if he didn’t he would probably go insane with the frustration.

“My turn.”

Before Innocent could react Laura had rolled on top of her and was kissing her hard. As quickly as she started though she stopped and rolled off the bed, moving swiftly off the camera leaving Jean languishing on the bed. Although he was sad for her departure Robbie could not pretend that the remaining sight was unbecoming. Jean was trailing her hand across her stomach and breasts and the pupils in her eyes were do dilated that they appeared black – his focus on her eyes was fortuitous (and the only way he could control himself a little bit) as he saw them widen considerably with a mixture of surprise and lust at something just off the camera.

He did not have to wait long. Laura reappeared on the camera and his jaw dropped.

She was wearing something he had only before seen in dodgy shops and in magazines – a harness around her hips with a thick looking cock attached in the centre.

Jean’s eyes widened as much as his.

Without even considering that it may have been shocking Laura pulled her to the edge of the bed and leaned down for a kiss, running her hands over Jean’ s breasts and grazing lightly over her nipples, making the darker woman jump occasionally with surprise when the toy pressed into her stomach.

Practically panting with want Jean sat herself on the edge of the bed and opened her legs to give the Doctor access however from the look on Laura’s face Robbie knew that she had planned this all and had anticipated Jean’s actions with the precision of someone accustomed to recreating scenes.

“Not a chance. Roll over for me.”

If possible the Super’s skin flushed a deeper pink and a trail of particularly violent fuchsia spread from her breasts ending just beneath her ears. But she did as she was told and her submission made him pick up the pace in his own administrations.

Jean turned and bent fully over the bed, still grounded on the carpet but stretching out her arms in front of her with an almost cat-like grace and curve of her spine but Laura’s hands quickly gripped onto the darker woman hips and angled herself carefully. Her hips pushed forward slowly at first and Jean’s eyes closed in pleasure, pushing back with what Robbie thought was an obscene enjoyment and practically grinding into Laura whenever she could.

She moaned loudly and Laura slowly dragged her nails down her spine, still gripping Jean’s hip with her other hand and picking up the pace to match Jean’s responses.

Robbie found his mind reeling with images. Aside from what he was watching he suddenly has visions of them having done this in many more places, the most prominent of which was the Super’s office – he knew that after this he would never be able to deliver a report again without either blushing or getting hard with the memory, probably he would do both.

“Get on the bed, now! I want...touch you...”

The words were garbled on the video but Robbie couldn’t have cared less, the image was enough. Jean Innocent crawled forward until she was on her hands and knees, her face flushed with passion and Laura was behind her angling her toy and eyes nearly black with excitement. They were both slick with sweat and as Laura entered her again she leant forward to press her breasts into Jean’s back causing them both to moan softly at the contact. Jean swivelled her head around and Laura eagerly leaned in for a long, wet kiss.

“Laura,” he heard Jean mumble with desperation. “Fuck me...please I need...”

“Shhh, I know...”

He could see Laura’s hips begin to move back and forth again, slowly picking up a pace that Jean pushed back against; almost secretly Laura moved her left hand from its resting place on Jean’s hip to between her legs and sought her clit and Robbie could pinpoint the moment that she found it as the moment Jean’s mouth fell into an ‘o’ of pleasure.

The shape of her mouth made his own already critical condition even worse. The thought of being there with them was quickly bringing him to his release however, he thought at the last moment when both he and Jean were losing themselves, he’d be quite happy to watch them for hours.

He felt winded and fell back into the sofa, watching them with one eye now and marvelling at both of their levels of stamina. Innocent came with a cry not long after him, arching backwards as Laura’s hands wove around and held onto her breasts, keeping her in position and pinching her nipples as she did so.

On the screen he saw Laura lean down and speak although for the first time he couldn’t heat what was being said. He did notice that Jean looked vaguely scandalised at Laura’s wicked grin, or at least as much as she could whilst she was still on her hands and knees and Laura’s toy was still inside her and he nearly jumped when she looked directly at the camera as he had the immediate feeling that she had caught him.

On screen both she and Laura fell back on the bed, the latter having removed her harness, and just as they were kissing with considerably more softness and precision than they had before the video stopped.

He still couldn’t quite move his body but he managed to reach for his phone, not caring at this stage whether Laura was mid-autopsy on the bloody royal family.

“Hi Robbie, how’s the day off?”

“Surprising.” His slightly hoarse voice seemed to give him away.

“Ah,” of course, he thought, she would have the bloody cheek to act amused and imply that it was his response that was somehow skewered, “I take it you got my little film?”


“Well I thought two birds with one stone. Jean owed me something quite substantial for trying to make you suspect me, you deserved a treat for actually believing me, you’ll never have to wonder what it’s like to sleep with her now (because she’d definitely be up for it if you wanted to) and I’ve told her if she tries to make you be her date to anything again I’ll send it to all the officers in the station. Actually it’s a number of birds isn’t it?”

Her bright tones couldn’t help but make him laugh and he certainly couldn’t fault her logic.

“It is that pet. You do realise you’re completely insane?”

“Oh don’t be ridiculous, it’s all perfectly rational.”

“Just for the record I went with her to events, I wasn’t her date.”

“And now she knows that too. I’m not fighting her for you, as you’ve seen, I’d probably win.”

He laughed at her audacity.

“Robbie, as you have tomorrow off too, would you like to come round to dinner later?”

“At your house?”

“About seven. I’ll order out, I’m not mad enough to eat my own cooking.”

“You’re not going to seduce me and immortalise me on tape are you?”

“Well, play your cards right Robbie and there’s no telling what I might do, I might even call Jean.”

He laughed at her, only half convinced she was joking as she hung up the phone.

He considered the things he had to do that afternoon and decided they were all pointless.

He started the DVD again.


Semi-3-some FTW.

I can't even form coherent thoughts to comment properly on this.
Hehe, I knew you'd like this :D

I may commit to some proper 3some action soon, lol.
Rebecca Front character pronz is applicable to any situation, you totally should read it. And thank you for the GUUUUUH, I'm not very good at smut so it's encouraging :)

The icon was first snurched from angelvk I think, and then I had it from crazymaryt, and now I bequeath it to you, officially the most snurched icon on the LJ!
(And yes btw, I do assimilate every funny word I hear into the reply, hehehehe, snurched! hehehehehe)
Excuse me please, I have to take a cold shower.

You do know I'll be very disappointed when this scene isn't in the next series.

Reading was invented for stories like this.

Ohhh, thank you, *loves*, I was actually pretty nervous about writing smut again, it's been ages and I was never good at it, lol.

This scene will happen in the between the lines series I prefer in my head.
Please don't be nervous about writing smut and please do it again as soon as possible. ;-)
Maybe not very good at smut before but now officially a Smut Writing Graduate! Wowza! GUUUUHHH is an apt description! Wooo!
Zoooks! Where was I last June when I should have been HERE? What wonderfully, criminally fun smut! GUH, and then some! Is there a sequel??
Tragically there is not a sequel to this BUUUUUT there is certainly more smut where that came from!

And I sort of do smut on request now, lol, any pairing in a fandom I know, I will write them having some super hot sex!
Looooooovely! I'll have to dash off and read all you've written....is it at fantiction.net? What sort of bribes do you accept? I can make slightly traditional icons...
There is some at ff.net, but the good, smutty stuff is here! :)

I accept anything really. Icons are always welcome but I take kind words and encouragement too!
Yay! I admit total incompetence on LJ--no doubt that's why I can't find your stories. Please help!!
It's fine! Shameless self promotion!




The last one's quite long though I should warn you, but there is smut towards the end!

Oh and if you go into my User Info bit, and then into Memories there's lots more fic if you're interested. And there's a fair bit of Lewis stuff on ff.net! Enjoy!
You should do shameless self promotion. You are so good to the ladies of Lewis and Robbie himself. ;-)

Over at oxford_ot3 I've also tried adding all duckface666's fics to the memories section there. duckface666 if you check it out and I've missed any let me know.
Oh, this is soooo much fun! Thank you both!